Belgian F-16’s reach a milestone in the number of flight hours for ISAF

Last month (July 2013), the Belgian F-16’s reached a milestone in the number of flight hours for the International Security and Assistance Force in Afghanistan by achieving 14,000 flight hours.

Picture Belgian Defence (Vador)

The F-16’s of the Belgian Air Force are part of Operation Guardian Falcon through which Belgian Defense provides air support to the ISAF mission.

On July 25, 2008, the Belgian Council of Ministers gave its approval to deploy a hundred Belgian soldiers and four fighter planes to Afghanistan. They are based at Kandahar Airfield in the southern part of Afghanistan, still the largest NATO airbase ever in a conflict zone.  

Their mission consists of performing flights to discourage enemy action, to guard ISAF communication lines and to provide air support to ISAF troops all over the country. If necessary, the Belgian F-16’s may use their weapons to protect ISAF troops when they come into contact with enemy forces. In August 2009, the number of F-16s increased to six to meet the needs expressed by ISAF.

As of July 10, 2013, the F-16’s had flown 14,086 hours and completed 4,697 missions.

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