Defensie overwintert

Op 24 november 2008 lanceert Defensie een campagne om de daklozen door de koude winterdagen te helpen. Het initiatief, genaamd Operatie Winter, zal hulp bieden aan de minderbedeelden door officiële welzijnsorganisaties zoals OCMW's en Restos du Coeur met materiaal te steunen. In elke provincie stelt één militair kwartier zich ter beschikking voor eventuele opvang. Daarnaast zal Defensie in alle provincies kledij en dekens uitdelen. De operatie tegen de kou zal in principe tot eind maart 2009 lopen. (c) mil.beLees verder...


Toespraak Minister Euromil

Since the break down of Lehman Brothers in the USA, the world economy has been facing successive crises. According to established economists, the current crisis is the forerunner of a global ‘depression’. However, a crisis does not necessarily imply a state of depression. In or after any crisis , there are losers and winners. There was a time, some 30 or 40 years ago, where we were campaigning under the motto ‘the crisis is a challenge’! However you consider it, a crisis provides the indispensable fuel for change. In this context (and that of my present job), there is a question that is keeping coming up: “Is European Defence going to be part of the ‘winners’?” After the Irish ‘NO’ vote on the Lisbon Treaty, the Treaty seemed to be definitely K.O., ‘knocked out’. We might fear it is the end of one of the pet-projects of ‘the constitution’ or of the Lisbon treaty; what is at stake is a serious development of the Common Foreign and Security Policy, together with the Permanent...Lees verder...